Depression can be powerful fuel for creatives, and when we use our deepest emotions towards an authentic expression, we can also experience profound healing. Here are some guidelines to healing yourself with creative expression:

Change your surroundings: shifting up your workspace, say to a different part of the office or home, can give you a fresh perspective and get you out of a rut.

Take time out to do something you love, or travel, even if it’s just to another place in your city you don’t normally visit. Enlivening your muse is critical.

Experience other art forms. Perhaps you are a painter; go see a ballet or a play. Anything we can do to see life from the lens of other artists can stimulate our own creative juices.

Maintain brain healthy habits: re-fueling with nutrition and brain positive supplements can all by itself help us turn a gloomy outlook around. Take no shame either in getting medical support in the form of anti-depressants. Often times, rebalancing our brain chemistry through medical support is the very thing we most need to get ourselves back on top.

Love yourself! Put up affirmations on your mirror, write a gratitude list, give yourself positive encouragement whenever possible. Self love is the key to any kind of healing endeavor and can give us the confidence to own our own creative voice.

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