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 Trending Now, Montecito, California, an Inaugural Event for Women’s Book Clubs Across the United States
The 1st women’s book club to host a “Mad Mischief” martini party recently honored local author, Susan St. John, at a private residence, in Montecto, CA  .  Hosted by Elizabeth Saghi, CFP of Avalan, Santa Barbara, the 20 women attending the event were treated to the sublime “Mad Mischief” martini, created by Lucky’s Montecito.  St. John read a chapter from her novel and a lively discussion followed into the evening.  “What a perfect way for our book club to get together!  I did not want the party to end!” declared Elizabeth.  Treat your book club to the award-winning breakout novel “Mad Mischief” and host a “Mad Mischief” martini party!  To  create your event or to book Susan St. John, as a guest author, please email:  or  call:  805-708-3777.

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