Defining a clear writer’s ‘voice’ is a major step towards finding success with your published works. It is essential that you discover and hone YOUR voice as a writer – one that makes you stand out uniquely as you. What is the special flavor that only you can exude, that individual message you have to say that urged you to write in the first place?

Here are some wonderful keys to cultivate that voice:

  1. Describe yourself in three adjectivesExample: snarky, fun, and flirty.
  2. Ask (and answer) the question: “Is this how I talk?”
  3. Ask other people: “What’s my voice? What do I sound like?” Take notes of the answers you get.
  4. Ask yourself: “Do I enjoy what I’m writing as I’m writing it?” If it feels like work, you may not be writing like yourself.
  5. Engage in 15 minute-long writing sessions where you put on your favorite music to get you into the zone, and just WRITE non-stop, no edits, shut out the critical voice just for that time, tell your inner analyzer it will be invited back in again later. This is one of the most potent exercises for writers to tap into their subconscious genius, but we have to let the genius flow inhibited. You’ll be amazed at what will come through you. Ideally you can do 4 rounds of 15 minutes with short breaks in between – you’ll find yourself slipping into a slight trance wherein the magic can flow. Then later, you can go back to what you’ve written, pick out the gems, and cultivate them from there.
  6. Join a writing group where you can share your works in process and receive supportive feedback, and get to know your voice as it is spoken aloud with others. Having solid support like this can be crucial to your long term success.

Happy Writing!

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